Free Class On November 19th
5:30PM to 6:30PM PST - Location: ZOOM Meeting
Learn to More Deeply Love
Our Loving Me, Loving You Webinar is a Significant Step to Having the Intimate Loving Relationships You Deserve
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Loving Me, Loving You Webinar

A Cure for Your Aloneness

How is your world these days? Is it returning to a resemblance of what passes for normal?

Are you yearning for more connection and intimacy but finding your relationship skills a bit rusty?

We might have just the thing for you, a cure for your aloneness, our Loving Me, Loving You webinar.

The Loving Me, Loving You free webinar is a low-risk deep dive into our relationship-building curriculum that we've spent the past three decades creating and mastering.

During this sixty-minute webinar, you'll be invited into a deeper connection with yourself, to love who you are and your inherent goodness as a human being, more deeply.

A more profound connection with others begins at home with a deeper relationship with yourself and greater self-love.

Please join us for a truly amazing experience on the very adult topics of love and intimacy.
This webinar is unlikely to be like any other you’ve been to before. You will have the opportunity to connect meaningfully with other adults, and yourself, while being guided by expert facilitators through a program designed to enhance your capacity for love and intimacy.
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Experience new ways to express real love and affection for yourself 
Learn how you can set clearer boundaries in challenging relationships
Begin to uncover your preferences around sex and intimacy
HAI has been instrumental in my growth. Finally learning to love myself, experiencing deep unconditional love, healing body shame, learning better listening and communication skills. With each workshop, my heart is cracked open even further, for both myself and others. – Jennifer DeRuff, Workshop Participant
About Your Host
The Human Awareness Institute
Your whole self is welcome here
For over fifty years, the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) has held a bold vision of a world where every human being is worthy of love, without exception.

At HAI, we walk alongside you as you explore the possibilities of a life of your choosing—a life enriched by self-acceptance, connection, and a deep sense of belonging to those you love.

Through our experiential workshops, we offer the opportunity to safely explore and immerse yourself into the delicate terrain of love, intimacy, and sexuality.

Please join us for this free class and begin your journey to loving yourself more deeply.
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